Ncert Class 12 English poem A lecture Upon The Shadow Summary and question answers | John Donne

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A LECTURE UPON THE SHADOW -John Donne ( 1572-1631 )


John Donne a renowned composer of metaphysical poems . He has mystic way explained shadow in its varied forms and in different names . He describes noon and afternoon shadow in order to substantiate the magnitude of morning , r love is unaffected by shadows . In a state of love , there is no duality in shadow and everything is merged with one , an absolute and exclusive . Hence , this m reflects the real picture of shadow .


Ncert Class 12 English poem A lecture  Upon The Shadow Summary and question answers | John Donne
Ncert Class 12 English poem A lecture Upon The Shadow Summary and question answers | John Donne 

poem Here the poet in the moments of meditation mystic way calls love within and directs it to listen a lecture on itself ( love ) and as it is in view of nature : study and meaning of universe and human life viz . love's philosophy . He says that shadows are made by us and these run with or follow us .

However , just at the noon , shadows are vanished . It's also man who can crush shadows by assuming him always under sun's vigilance . The corporeal or temporal love grows with age and it requires several pretexts and pretences to come under solar radiation because realisation of Self ( i.e. self - realisation ) is met at the noon of the corporeal love .

Full fledged surrender is the nature of true love . It never cares what others say . The shadows are formed when the man acts upon anything or anyway . and shadow of that action or actions start chasing him from the moment that ' act is done . viz . evil sow , evil reap . This shadow like corporeal love is soon fainted or faded . However , love is immortal and eternal . It neither faints nor meets to death . It has no stages of development like corporeal love . Indeed , according to the poet , love is immortal .


चिन्तन के क्षणों में कवि प्रेम को विभिन्न नाम देता है और प्रेम पर व्याख्यान सुनने को और सृष्टि और मानव जीवन ( यानि प्रेम या दर्शन ) का अर्थ का अध्ययन करने को कहता है । " वह कहता है कि परछाइयाँ ( छाया ) हमलोगों द्वारा बनायी जाती हैं और वे हमारा अनुसरण करती है या हमारे साथ चलती हैं , फिर भी , दोपहर में छाया लुप्त हो जाती है ।

मनुष्य की छाया को • यह समझकर दबा देता है कि वह हमेशा सूर्य की चौकसी के अधीन है । भौतिक और इहलौकिक आयु के साथ बढ़ता है और सूर्य के विकिरण के अधीन आने में उसे कई बहानों एवं मिथ्या दिखावटों की आवश्यकता होती है क्योंकि स्वयं की अनुभूति ( आत्मानुभूति ) भौतिक प्रेम की दुपहरिया में ही होती है । पूर्ण समर्पण ही शाश्वत प्रेम की नियति है । दूसरों के कहने पर वह प्रेम परवाह नहीं करता है । परछाइयाँ मनुष्य के किसी तरह के कार्य से बनती हैं , छाया उस कार्य / कार्यों के प्रारंभ से ही अनुवरण करती है यानि दुरा बोते हैं , बुरा पाते हैं । भौतिक प्रेम कभी के समान छाया शीघ्र ही सिमट जाती है या धीरे - धीरे लुप्त हो जाती है । फिर भी प्रेम अ और शाश्वत है । यह न मूर्च्छित होता है न मृत्यु को प्राप्त करता है । भौतिक प्रेम की त इसकी विकास की अवस्थाएँ नहीं है ।


Stand Still = समाधिस्थ अवस्था जिनमें शरीर की समस्त बाह्य गतिविधियाँ स्थिर जाती हैं । Lecture = व्याख्यान | To Brave = सामना करना । Disguises = रूपांत परिवर्तन | West wardly decline = गतयोवन , प्रौढ़ावस्था ।



Read the stanza carefully and answer the questions that follow

Stand still and I will read to thee A Lecture , Love , in loves philosophy , These three hours that we have spent , Walking here Two shadowes went Along with us , which we our selves produc'd ; But , now the Sunne is just above our head , We doe those shadowes tread ;And to brave clearnesse all things are reduc'd .

Questions :

( i ) Who is I here ?
( ii ) What is a lecture on love ?
( iii ) What is love ?
( iv ) What is love's philosophy ?
( v ) What are shadows here ?

Answers :
( i ) It is the poet himself or his Self at meditative state of mind .
( ii ) A true explanation with example of the love ..
( iii ) Love is immortal and absolute . Here are no options , shadows or dua ambivalence . It is noon like .
( iv ) It is corporeal attachment or affection .


Read the stanza carefully and answer the questions that follow

So whilst our infant loves did grow , Disguises did , and shadowes , flow , From us , and our cares ; but now ' tis not so . That love hath not attain'd the high'st degree , Which is still diligent lest others see .

Questions :
( i ) What are infant love ?
( ii ) What are disguises ?
( 1 ) What does the phrase " and our cares " refer to ? ;
( iv ) What does the word " now imply ?

Answers :
( i ) It's corporeal love or the start or budding viz . primary stage of corporeal love.
( ii ) disguises are the certain changes due to secretion of endocrine glands and gonads appears in human body that do demarcation of age as baby , infant , adolescent , teen , youth , adult , old etc.
( iii ) It refers to systematic development of intellect or sensual perception.
( iv ) It implies the wholesome state of love or the noon in term of comparison  with a day . Complete or full fledged surrender free from duality is the wholesome state of love .


Read the stanza carefully and answer the questions that follow

Except our loves at this noone stay , r We shall new shadowes make the other way , As the first were made to blinde . Others ; these which come behinde Will work upon our selves , and blind our eyes .

Questions :
( i ) What state of love does imply noon stay ? ( ii ) What do you understand by the words " new shadows " here ? "
( iii ) Do you think shadows blind a man ?
( iv ) When do the shadows work upon us ?

Answers :
(i) It's an absolute state of loye .
(ii) New shadows are meant by the stages of change post - prime i.e. at adult age in terms of corporeal affection generally , creating an illusion of its being love .
( iii ) Yes , the shadows of adolescence , teen age and youth mostly or a least oftenly misdirect the individuals and they are astrayed . 
( iv ) It happens just after the youth is declined . Whatever the acts are done in the past i.e. from childhood upto youth start puring with their result proportionately . In terms of corporeal age , ( individuals loss their eye sigh when they become old .


Q.1 . How did the shadow before noon differ from the shadows after noon ? What do the two kinds of shadow represent ?

Ans . Distinction between shadow before noon and afternoon :
Morning shadows or the shadows before noon , according to poet , are as lengthy as the shadow of afternoon but the former are loved by people because these are created by they themselves in an environment , they receive in the form of family and community . It's not so with the afternoon shadows - says the poet .


1. What is love's philosophy ?
Ans . It contains disinterested or agape nature of love and its manifestation in the heart of human beings . ?

Q.2 . What are the three hours in this poem Ans . These are the dawn , morning and forenoon .

Q.3 . How are the shadows made by man ? Ans . It's human body that comes in the way of the beams of sunlight and so obstructed part of light i.e. , image of the concerned man is seen as his shadow . Thus , he can be understood as maker of shadows .

Q4 . How can a man tread the shadows ?
Ans . It is when he becomes an enlightened citizen and attains to reasoning , all scientific way . It has been referred to as sun at noon means perfect knowledge . Here , it shows that a man treated the shadow as the view point of the poet .

Q.5 . Why are the shadows formed ?
Ans . It is because of ignorance and slothness . It's like a mirage of the desert . Allured by material or corporeal pleasure for moments , the man abandons this power of discretion and thus , shadow entraps him .

Q6 . How is the shadow after noon referred to ? Ans . The poet refers afternoon shadow as reaction or respond to the shadow of the day from morning upto noon . He says that in corporeal love , attraction for each - other between lovers starts reducing when they reach at their old age . The warmness of youth is nowhere seen . Certain changes are seen in talking manners and behaviour .

7. How do the morning shadows grow longer in afternoon of corporeal life ?
Ans . The poet wants here to tell that the shadows ( i.e. the habits cultivated , deeds performed ) of earlier part of the day or the period from childhood upto youth , appear to man concerned longer because he has to pay for or receive from the past deeds , the fruit or result during the age proceeding to degeneration or old age . If these are painful experiences , he sees as if the period of shadows is increased more than before because an interest is also added to the deeds performed during the youth .

Q.8 . What do you understand by constant light ?
Ans . It's a light that never extinct , an eternal and immortal light capable to use living bodies as garments or apparel .

Q9. Can you refer to the nature of true love ? Ans . Yes , we receive a glimpse of true love from Ramcharit Manas , wherein Goswami Tulsi Das mentions a message from Lord Rama , through Hanuman to his darling Sita .

Q - 10 . Explain the phrase " still diligent lest others see " .
Ans . It denotes the primary stage of love or devotion wherein external objects like idols , things of corporeal existence including living lovers . The poet says that such lovers in material or devotees in metaphysical sense are still at the stage of diligence or penance . In other words , these are in learning stage of love or devotion . It's ambivalent state or duality in recognition state . These dwell options , whim - whams , if and buts at this state because of being its a perception state .


Q1.Explain the corporeal and sublime love ? Ans . As the poet in his meditative trance , describes , corporeal love is based on age , colour , physical aspect of health , statuses ( social , political , financial ) and it loses its lustre soon like that of a flower .

It is like a good weather friendship or a part of strategy to live on liaison . It never stays after the noon and its percussions are painful more than the pleasure felt in meeting or union . The poet says that the real love has no degrees still invented to exhibit its proportionate intensity because it is atom like undivided , absolute , omniscent and all pervaded . When this is the position , who with his shadow can define , comment or appreciate and assess the true love . It is almighty itself . Bodies are like apparels to love . It's all illumining and according to the shadow , we people create , the rest intact part not polluted or could not gather capacity to pollute ; feel and describe accordingly .

AS Our self - created shadow either dense or light ; is actually , our ignorance . It pays for corporeal pleasure i.e. denser side of shadow hence , gears up ignorance in its varied forms like aego , nuisance , mens - rea , offensive instincts , all evocative and these cause denser , the densest .

The sublime love , agape or disinterested loe ( Nisakama Prema ) is omniscent and all pervaded . It neither begins nor ends , it can be tasted but cannot be expressed which types of taste it has . It's beyond time , location and the circumstances or shadows . Conclusion - Corporeal and sublime love / devotion are couplets like day and night , light and / shadow . One is perception while the other is a conceived State of non - duality .


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